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Share your story

Tell us about what you’ve been designing! We are collecting stories of the design challenges educators have been tackling using the Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit. One day your story could be highlighted here and could help others working on similar challenges. You can contribute to the overall community knowledge about how Design Thinking can help educators transform everything – from the experiences our students have to the operations of our school systems.

Design Challenge: Describe your project challenge in a sentence.

Solutions: What needs did you discover and how did you design for them?

Outcomes: What was the impact of your project?

Optional Questions

Project Details: Who was involved? Which methods did you use?

Key Learnings: What was the most unexpected learning? What was the most impactful learning?

Obstacles: What was the biggest challenge that the project faced? How did you overcome it?

Advice: What would you tell fellow educators to help them with their design challenges?

Contact info: How can we follow up with you?

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